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events Mar 24, 2021

This Saturday, the Climbing the Ladder of Reading Conference will be held virtually. This event will showcase professionals who will share their expertise on meeting the needs of 2e students, dyslexia awareness, science of reading in the general classroom, online instruction, meeting social-emotional needs, movement strategies, bridging word study and OG, and interactive and engaging therapy and lesson ideas. I've had quite a few people ask me if this conference is for them. This week on the blog, I am providing an overview of the conference and its presenters to help those who are wavering on whether to attend the live event.

First, I want to briefly touch on who this conference is for. The information that will be presented will be helpful for general classroom teachers, special education teachers, Gifted and Talented teachers, reading and literacy specialists, CALT/CALPs, administrators, and parents. The trainings will be useful and relevant for those just starting to...

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