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There is a lot to learn about best practices for helping dyslexic students and we are going to tackle it together!

Focusing on breaking down the research and science of reading into manageable pieces and connecting it to our teaching, intervention, and therapy sessions is what we are all about. We are so honored that you are joining us on this journey.

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You are in the right place if you are looking for

Resources specifically designed with dyslexic learners in mind

A deeper understanding of dyslexia and the science of reading

Fresh ideas to bring to your therapy, interventions, and teaching


Strategies, tips, and activities to scaffold dyslexia therapy and intervention

Plus tips to bridge academics and social emotional learning - and so much more!

A Note from Casey...

Being in a private practice setting now, I miss the connections and collaboration that occur within the school setting, but have found that this amazing community online can provide connection and support too. 

There is just so much to learn in our field! Being able to deep-dive into an area like dyslexia and reading instruction, and then share all the best teaching tips, articles, and therapy activities with YOU is just awesome.

By joining The Dyslexia Classroom, we get to do just that. We share, we learn, we collaborate, and we grow in our delivery of instruction to help each of our learners take flight. 

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Thanks for joining me on this journey with dyslexia!

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